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this gif would have so much more notes if people realized that its actually a cinemegraph. and wait.

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The Official OddBro Jargon Dictionary

  • This is TheOddOne's Dictionary created by hotpockets (source)
  • *Yordle - chipmunk, stupid chipmunk, chipmunk scum, yordle scum (obviously applies to all yordle champions bro)
  • Ahri: fox bitch
  • Amumu: whiny crybaby bitch
  • Anivia: stupid bird
  • Blitzcrank: rusty the robot
  • Cassiopeia: snake bitch
  • Corki: see: yordle
  • Evelynn: whore eve
  • Ezreal: pretty boy
  • Fiddlesticks: toothpicks
  • Fiora: french bitch
  • Fizz: useless fish, fish-face
  • Galio: Galileo
  • Garen: beyblade
  • Gragas: fatass, fat fuck, fat bastard
  • Hecarim: clippity cloppity
  • Heimerdinger: see: yordle
  • Jarvan IV: j-man, jarman, drunk master jarvan
  • Karthus: skeletor, voldemort
  • Kennen: see: yordle
  • Kog'Maw: koggers, captain vomit
  • Lee Sin: bruce lee, bruce fucken lee
  • Master Yi: ninja garden
  • Miss Fortune: ginger bitch
  • Morgana: (w/ baker skin) cookie-Morgana bitch
  • Nasus: stupid dog
  • Nidalee: cougar bitch
  • Poppy: see:yordle
  • Riven: riven bitch, dumb riven bitch
  • Rumble: see: yordle
  • Ryze: baldy
  • Sejuani: boar bitch
  • Shaco: stupid clown
  • Shen: shendo
  • Shyvana: dragon bitch, dumb dragon bitch
  • Skarner: lobster, scorpion
  • Soraka: unicorn, stupid unicorn, horn bitch, dumb bitch soraka, bananabitch
  • Swain: mr.birdy
  • Taric: pretty boy taric
  • Teemo: see: yordle
  • Tristana: see: yordle
  • Veigar: see: yordle
  • Viktor: russian terrorist, "half-man, half-machine: all shit", hunk-a-junk
  • Wukong: monkey, stupid monkey, monkey business
  • Xin Zhao: xini boy
  • Ziggs: bomberman
  • Ashe Arrow: arrow of destiny
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